Infernal Tetrad and friend.

The rain has been coming down in buckets as of late, but spring is well in the air…And that means its time for a quick update!

A shoulder surgery sidelined my painting a bit, but luckily I am finally getting back into the saddle, so to speak.   As such, I don’t have much painting progress to report (hey, just blame the percocet haze) .  However, just to keep me honest and get something on the site, here is a quick battle report from a game I played a few days before my surgery, along with a quick project breakdown.

My current list of 1850 ‘flavor of the month’  consists of:

Infernal Tetrad

  • Tzeentch daemon prince, wings/gifts, level 3, Impossible Robes
  • Khorne daemon prince, wings, gifts, Armor of Scorn
  • Nurgle prince, wings/armor, gifts
  • Slaanesh daemon prince, wings/armor, gifts, Soulstealer

Renegade Knight: dual avenger gatling cannons, stormspear rocket cannons

Infernal Tetrad and friend.

I played a few points light, but I wanted a low model count army…And the above fit the bill nicely.

First game vs Tau:

Tau army, facing off against the Infernal Tetrad with a Renegade Knight

We played out some funky, ATC-style missions where we each had to pick some primary objectives – for my part, I chose to kill 3 particular units, and then kill points; my opponent chose maelstrom objectives as his cap, and then table quarters.  The mission was Dawn of War deployment.  My opponent’s warlord trait was +1 to seize; coupled with his +1 since I was fielding a superheavy, it meant that he had a good chance to seize me.  I won the toss-off, cut opted to let him go first so at least to counter deploy.

Turn 1

Y’vahras jump in and blow up the knight (so anti-climatic).  Remaining Tau shooting does nothing. In return, I charge the Y’vahras with the nurgle prince (killing him) and slaanesh prince, respectively (tying him up).  Remaining princes advance in cover, ready to avenge their fallen, mechanical brotha’ from anotha’.

Renegade knight goes BOOM!

Turn 2

Opponent’s warlord flies on, shooting commences. The nurgle prince takes a wound to shooting, Tzeentch prince may have taken one as well; the slaanesh prince hangs another round with his last Y’vahra (killing it in my assault phase);   The tzeentch prince charges a riptide, locking it up.  The khorne prince also advances.  Lots of shooting, a few wounds produced, and a general advance.  I have him right where I want him.  :0)

Daemon princes advance on Tau

Khorne daemon prince sizes up the competition.

Turn 3

More shooting, and he repositions some units to try and back away from the princes.  It won’t work: the nurgle prince insta’ kills a riptide with the balesword, and the tzeentch prince kills another riptide.  Slaanesh prince summons a herald of tzeentch who then hides in ruins in the opponent’s start zone.  The khorne prince kills some tau suits in a long assault.

Turn 4

Tau shooting kills the Slaanesh prince, and his last suit comes in from reserve and drops in my startzone to hide out on an objective.  I summon a couple of units of khorne hounds, and then charge my tzeentch prince into another riptide. It eventually blows up thanks to the staff of change, killing the nearby tzeentch herald and putting a wound on the tzeentch prince and killing a couple of dogs.  The khorne prince charges a unit of tetras but fails to do even one wound, and they in turn fly off the next turn.  I believe that the nurgle prince charges and then kills the last riptide – his balesword is an avenging stick of doom!

Summoned hounds of war!

Turn 5

Opponent does not have much left- tetras dash for the far side of the board (I attempt to charge them with a unit of dogs, but they understandably fail the 12 inch charge).  The khorne prince redeems himself by killing the next to last unit of suits. The Nurgle prince flies towards the lone suit, then summons a unit of plaguebearers who scatter horribly…But manage to stay on the board.

Nabbing an objective

Turn 6

Lone suit flames the packed squad of plaguebearers, but they make 8 of 10 invul saves and only lose a couple (its only a slight bit of justice: in one of the last games I played against this opponent, I threw a Psychic Shriek of 17 on his stormsurge and he inevitably made all of his invul saves).  The prince finishes off the suit, leaving a unit of tetras zooming around, as well as his airborne warlord.

Turn 7

Tetras make a mad dash for my side of the board, but the plaguebearers make a long charge and throw just enough glances to finish them off.  Only my opponent’s warlord remains, so it is a rather crushing victory to the daemonic powers and the end of a fun game.


Projects, get your projects here!

I have 20 genestealers sitting on my ‘to do’ table that I am hoping to wrap up, along with some finishing touches to put on my Norse Blood Bowl team (involving a new container of Secret Weapons’s crushed glass snow effect).  And or course, Skeletor, whom only needs to be based to be marked as complete.

Genestealers on the project table.

During my internet travels, I came across some stormcast eternals models on the cheap.  Coupled with an old land raider that I have, it appears that a small Custodes detachment is in the works.  Lots of ideas floating around, with time unfortunately being my main opponent.

If I can keep with the list, I should have some more pictures to share in the next week.  Stay tuned!