Category: Hobby Craft

Warzone Atlanta recap

Last weekend turned into a fun weekend of driving, rolling dice and having a general blast….

Reworking Mortarion

Ever bouncing between projects, I have been working on a Mortarion model to lead my Deathshroud.  Come and see how he is turning out!…

New Deathshroud conversions in the works

Over the weekend I finished sculpting and piecing together my Deathshroud, and I want to share my progress. I have been working on a just-for-fun list that involves at least 4 squads of Deathshroud to accompany Mortarion on the field of rotting honor.  I don’t expect to win many games with it, but the fluff…

Epidemius in the works

I decided to give Epidemius a bit of a modern update….

Hybid Metamorphs completed

This week, I completed a squad of five metamorphs for my Genestealer Cult….

Xenos are amassing…Slowly…

With a bit of rain expected, the week turned out to be a good one to lay some paint to some minis. …

Infernal Tetrad is complete

I have finally completed by Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, and thus have round out my Infernal Tetrad….

Squaduary Challenge Week 3

With time as my enemy, I still managed to update my squad with some snazzy new paint….

Another project update

With time on my side, I was able to finish up one project and make significant progress on another.  Thus, it’s time for a quick project update:…

New lightbox and daemon prince

With some steady progress, I was able to complete another project on my list – my Slaanesh daemon prince is now under wraps. I have been working on an Infernal Tetrad for a number of months now, with the basis being that all of the princes must be comprised of helbrute models.  As it stands,…