Category: Hobby Craft

Making order out of the chaos

January will soon be making way for February, and it is high time to share some of my progress in this brave, new year….

Project update…

Tis the season for a full workbench!  To help push the work down the line, I am posting about my current hobby ‘to-do’ list….

Daemon Knight of Nurgle…Completed

Yesterday, I wrapped up a project that was loitering on my back burner for some time: a chaos knight.  Come and check out how it turned out….

Dreadtober – Week 5 update and dread completed!

I have put the finishing touches on my Dreadtober challenge, and it is ready for the limelight….

Blood for the new Khorne daemon prince

Another Dark Vengeance helbrute has been converted, and this time in the name of Khorne.  Check out my latest creation!…

Dreadtober – Week 4 update

It took a bit of kicking and screaming, but I managed to finish the base for Trapjaw this week….

More plague zombies, just in time for Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, it is high time to build some more plague zombies.  Here is how they turned out!…

Dreadtober – Week 2 update

Week 2 has come and gone, and with its passing, a chaos-ified Trapjaw will soon be awaiting paint….

Magnet alternative for Knight Titan

It’s possible to attach a knight titan’s torso for ease of movement and storage…Without resorting to magnets.   Here’s how:   You will need one knight titan model, with the assembled torso and lower half, one 9/32 flathead bolt (I found mind in my bolt-box, but one can be easily obtained at any hardware store;…

Making your own round bases

Check out this excellent tutorial for making and customizing your own bases….