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Come the Apocalypse GT 2018 – Battle Report

With chaos army in tow, I journeyed to my slight northeast to partake in the second annual CtA GT…Come and see how it turned out!  …

New Death Guard army

With some extended time off due to the birth of a new family member, I was able to build and paint a new Army.  Come and check it out!…

Yet more Nurgley goodness

So, what is up with my sick fetish with cranking out Deathshroud models?  I am not entirely sure, but I finally wrapped up another squad to add to my burgeoning batch of bloated bouncers….

Enter the Deathshroud

Deathshroud bodyguards have been completed…Come and check them out!…

The Angel of Death cometh

Mortarion has experienced an influx of color, and I completed an old model befitting of Nurgle’s bounty….

Warzone Atlanta recap

Last weekend turned into a fun weekend of driving, rolling dice and having a general blast….

Reworking Mortarion

Ever bouncing between projects, I have been working on a Mortarion model to lead my Deathshroud.  Come and see how he is turning out!…

New Deathshroud conversions in the works

Over the weekend I finished sculpting and piecing together my Deathshroud, and I want to share my progress. I have been working on a just-for-fun list that involves at least 4 squads of Deathshroud to accompany Mortarion on the field of rotting honor.  I don’t expect to win many games with it, but the fluff…

Nurgle Daemons with Abaddon – Part 2

In continuance of the previous week’s post, I discuss my results from the Come the Apocalypse GT and then grade each of my units….

Nurgle Daemons with Abaddon, a prelude to a batrep – Part 1

I finished some new models in time for a regional 40K GT tourney, and as such will slap you with some knowledge concerning my army and games….