Bat Reps

April showers bring…

April 7, 2017 | 2 comments
Infernal Tetrad and friend.

The rain has been coming down in buckets as of late, but spring is well in the air…And that means its time for a quick update! [...]

Nurgle CSM Tourney Batrep

December 2, 2016
The completed nurgle knight

I had the pleasure in participating in a local tournament a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got around to posting the batrep. [...]

Bat Rep – 1500 Tourney with All-Dreadnought List

April 16, 2015 | 2 comments
Image courtesy of JD Hancock

I finally placed the finishing touches on an all-dread list.  It was a tight squeeze at 1500, but I threw down 8 dreads, with 7 drop pods.  The list: Champions[...]

Bat Rep – 1850 – Wolves vs White Scars

March 10, 2015 | 1 comment
Image courtesy of Doug Brown

I caught a fun game over the weekend, against an excellent opponent.  Without further ado, the game:   Armies: vs Mike’s White Scars: Khan,[...]

Bat Rep: 1850 featuring a Dreadnought-heavy list

February 6, 2015
Image courtesy of JD Hancock

As tournaments go, I usually run horde armies. With the coming of the new year, it was time to try something different: a low-model-count build for Coastal[...]