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Come the Apocalypse GT 2018 – Battle Report

With chaos army in tow, I journeyed to my slight northeast to partake in the second annual CtA GT…Come and see how it turned out!  …

Nurgle Daemons with Abaddon – Part 2

In continuance of the previous week’s post, I discuss my results from the Come the Apocalypse GT and then grade each of my units….

Nurgle Daemons with Abaddon, a prelude to a batrep – Part 1

I finished some new models in time for a regional 40K GT tourney, and as such will slap you with some knowledge concerning my army and games….

April showers bring…

The rain has been coming down in buckets as of late, but spring is well in the air…And that means its time for a quick update!…

Nurgle CSM Tourney Batrep

I had the pleasure in participating in a local tournament a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got around to posting the batrep….

Bat Rep – 1500 Tourney with All-Dreadnought List

Tourney batrep: All-dread list at 1500 points!…

Bat Rep – 1850 – Wolves vs White Scars

Another Champions of Fenris-powered Bat Rep, featuring the Relic at 1850 points. Check it out!…

Bat Rep: 1850 featuring a Dreadnought-heavy list

1850 point tourney recap featuring venerable dreadnoughts from Champions of Fenris….