Category: Conversions

Squaduary Challenge Week 2

Progress has been made as I wrap up the second week of the Squaduary Challenge….

Another project update

With time on my side, I was able to finish up one project and make significant progress on another.  Thus, it’s time for a quick project update:…

New lightbox and daemon prince

With some steady progress, I was able to complete another project on my list – my Slaanesh daemon prince is now under wraps. I have been working on an Infernal Tetrad for a number of months now, with the basis being that all of the princes must be comprised of helbrute models.  As it stands,…

One step forward…

A quick progress update on some painting projects, as well as a list musing……

Project update…

Tis the season for a full workbench!  To help push the work down the line, I am posting about my current hobby ‘to-do’ list….

Daemon Knight of Nurgle…Completed

Yesterday, I wrapped up a project that was loitering on my back burner for some time: a chaos knight.  Come and check out how it turned out….

Dreadtober – Week 5 update and dread completed!

I have put the finishing touches on my Dreadtober challenge, and it is ready for the limelight….

Blood for the new Khorne daemon prince

Another Dark Vengeance helbrute has been converted, and this time in the name of Khorne.  Check out my latest creation!…

Dreadtober – Week 4 update

It took a bit of kicking and screaming, but I managed to finish the base for Trapjaw this week….

Dreadtober – Week 3 update

My dread has now been base painted for week 3 of the Dreadtober challenge….