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Dreadtober – Week 5 update and dread completed!

I have put the finishing touches on my Dreadtober challenge, and it is ready for the limelight….

Dreadtober – Week 4 update

It took a bit of kicking and screaming, but I managed to finish the base for Trapjaw this week….

Dreadtober – Week 3 update

My dread has now been base painted for week 3 of the Dreadtober challenge….

Dreadtober – Week 2 update

Week 2 has come and gone, and with its passing, a chaos-ified Trapjaw will soon be awaiting paint….

Celebrating Dreadtober with a new dread in the works!

To celebrate the much appreciated, cooler weather in October, as well as to motivate yours truly to complete some models, I recently signed up for the Dreadtober Challenge, hosted by The Broken Paintbrush….