Category: Genestealer Cult

Nurgle Daemons with Abaddon – Part 2

In continuance of the previous week’s post, I discuss my results from the Come the Apocalypse GT and then grade each of my units….

Hybid Metamorphs completed

This week, I completed a squad of five metamorphs for my Genestealer Cult….

Xenos are amassing…Slowly…

With a bit of rain expected, the week turned out to be a good one to lay some paint to some minis. …

The cursed first

Finally, some free space has been created on my projects table!…

April showers bring…

The rain has been coming down in buckets as of late, but spring is well in the air…And that means its time for a quick update!…

Squaduary Challenge, Week 4

February’s Squaduary challenge is now in the books, and it was a fun project!…

Squaduary Challenge Week 3

With time as my enemy, I still managed to update my squad with some snazzy new paint….

Squaduary Challenge Week 2

Progress has been made as I wrap up the second week of the Squaduary Challenge….

Squaduary Challenge Week 1

This week, I started on my pledge for the Squaduary 2017 challenge….

Making order out of the chaos

January will soon be making way for February, and it is high time to share some of my progress in this brave, new year….