Category: Nurgle

Enter the Deathshroud

Deathshroud bodyguards have been completed…Come and check them out!…

The Angel of Death cometh

Mortarion has experienced an influx of color, and I completed an old model befitting of Nurgle’s bounty….

Reworking Mortarion

Ever bouncing between projects, I have been working on a Mortarion model to lead my Deathshroud.  Come and see how he is turning out!…

New Deathshroud conversions in the works

Over the weekend I finished sculpting and piecing together my Deathshroud, and I want to share my progress. I have been working on a just-for-fun list that involves at least 4 squads of Deathshroud to accompany Mortarion on the field of rotting honor.  I don’t expect to win many games with it, but the fluff…

Nurgle Daemons with Abaddon – Part 2

In continuance of the previous week’s post, I discuss my results from the Come the Apocalypse GT and then grade each of my units….

Nurgle Daemons with Abaddon, a prelude to a batrep – Part 1

I finished some new models in time for a regional 40K GT tourney, and as such will slap you with some knowledge concerning my army and games….

Epidemius in the works

I decided to give Epidemius a bit of a modern update….

Finally, some action. Plaguebearers completed.

With Nurgle in the air, a squad of plaguebearers is now under wraps….