7th Edition

Squaduary Challenge Week 1


This week, I started on my pledge for the Squaduary 2017 challenge. [...]

Nurgle CSM Tourney Batrep

The completed nurgle knight

I had the pleasure in participating in a local tournament a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got around to posting the batrep. [...]

More plague zombies, just in time for Halloween!

Plague zombies

With Halloween just around the corner, it is high time to build some more plague zombies.  Here is how they turned out! [...]

A Genestealer Cult resurgence…And I can’t wait!

Genestealer Patriarch on the run!

With a new Genestealer Cult codex available in the wild, I am getting the old xenos band back together.  Come and check out what I have assembled! [...]

Bat Rep – 1500 Tourney with All-Dreadnought List

Image courtesy of JD Hancock

I finally placed the finishing touches on an all-dread list.  It was a tight squeeze at 1500, but I threw down 8 dreads, with 7 drop pods.  The list: Champions[...]

Bat Rep – 1850 – Wolves vs White Scars

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Image courtesy of Doug Brown

I caught a fun game over the weekend, against an excellent opponent.  Without further ado, the game:   Armies: vs Mike’s White Scars: Khan,[...]

Codex: Harlequins Review

Codex: Harlequins review

Harlequins are a stable in the old-skool fluff of 40K; with flashy colors, exotic weaponry, and a penchant for entertaining slaughter, they were the dream[...]

Bat Rep: 1850 featuring a Dreadnought-heavy list

Image courtesy of JD Hancock

As tournaments go, I usually run horde armies. With the coming of the new year, it was time to try something different: a low-model-count build for Coastal[...]

Warhammer 40k Seventh Edition FAQs are now up

Photo by James Hill

Games Workshop has finally posted the FAQs for Warhammer 40K Seventh Edition, and they include  a mixed bag of tricks:   Go to their FAQ & Errata[...]

Seventh Edition – confirmed allies rules

Image by Duncan via FLickr

Here are the confirmed rules for allies in Warhammer 40k Seventh Edition Battle Brothers: They can benefit from warlord traits IC’s can join with[...]