Dreadtober – Week 2 update

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Week 2 has come and gone, and with its passing, a chaos-ified Trapjaw will soon be awaiting paint.

With Dark Vengeance helbrute in tow for the Dreadtober challenge, I managed to squeeze in enough time to customize my dread to taste.  To recap, week one entailed the ironing out of a rough plan for the creation of the Trapjaw character from Masters of the Universe.  Trapjaw is a rather malefic chap who started out as a space mercenary of sorts, but soon became one of Skeletor’s most notable henchmen (and a very cool figure, if I recall correctly from my childhood).  His character was fleshed out a bit more later in the toy series (and apparently in a more recent run of comic books, vice the original mini-books that shipped with figures from the early 80s).  First, here is a picture of the Masters of the Universe Trapjaw figure:

Trap Jaw, soon to be infused with Chaos

This is the rough visual I maintained in my mind’s eye, and I was able to sculpt in most of his attributes (cyborg arm, helmet with iron lower jaw, bitchin’ belt with hooks for additional appendages) over the course of the week.

Without further ado:

Dreadtober week 2 - Trapjaw

Dreadtober week 2 – Trapjaw

The green stuff work requires some touching up in places, but otherwise attempts to capture the feel of Trapjaw.  The head belongs to an ogryn, while the belt and furry loin cloth/pelt are crude greenstuff creations.  I also repositioned the legs on the helbrute in order to get rid of that ‘soiled diaper/droopy drawers’ look .

Trapjaw the dread, sporting a magnetized lascannon for weapon swaps.

Trapjaw the dread, sporting a magnetized lascannon for weapon swaps.

I magnetized the bionic arm at the elbow, and almost any weapon from GW’s Helbrute full kit should work (I keep an assortment of these on, well…Hand).  I used my dremel to remove the exhaust vents on the back, as well as the left shoulder pad; this leaves his right arm and shoulder as the cyborg portion of the model.

Left side of Trapjaw. Notice the hook for attaching stowaway weapons

Left side of Trapjaw. Notice the hook for attaching stowaway weapons

The power fist did not have many alterations, other than the removal of the heavy flamer ‘maw’ on the palm.  The left chest required some greenstuff modifications, which I suspect will need to be cleaned up a bit before applying paint.

Trapjaw dread - Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

I have a few mold lines to fill in, as well as a base to flock and flesh out…But otherwise, he is progress in the making!


Posted on October 7, 2016

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  1. Bravo, that is a lot of work to change the look off that dread that much and you managed to with style. I love how he matches your character idea.

    • Doug Kus says:

      Hey, many thanks! He is coming along, and I am hoping that a coat of paint hides some of the cosmetic flaws and imperfections. Time will tell, for sure.

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