My dread has now been base painted for week 3 of the Dreadtober challenge.

As week 3 of the Dreadtober challenge comes to an end, my base painted dreadnought stands before me.  I was able to get him primed, followed by a slathering of basic colors to match the iconic Trap Jaw character from Masters of the Universe.

Trap Jaw - Week 3 of the Dreadtober challenge

I then opted for a thick wash consisting of a mixture of  paynes gray paint, glazing medium, and water.  The wash was applied on everything but the armor plating, and it gives the dread a nice, comic book-style feel, which I think really adheres to the original theme of Masters of the Universe.

The armor was primed in paynes gray, and then washed with black paint, followed by some edging with a mix or light gray and paynes gray.

I still have a lot of clean up to perform, as the blue shade needs to be subdued in some areas.  As such, I suspect that I will be edging a good chunk of the model.  I also want to give the green belt more of a weathered, leathery feel, and I suspect that this will take some tweaking to get it to match my mind’s eye.

Regardless, it is at least progress.