It took a bit of kicking and screaming, but I managed to finish the base for Trapjaw this week.

After debating some basing options, I decided that a bright orange color would complement the blues in my model.  As such, a lava flow of sorts would fit this bill.  I have not based a ‘lava’ look before, so this was a bit of virgin territory.

I first added some cork and sand to build the framework.

Basing - step 1

Next, I primed everything in black, and messed around with a slight bit of grey dry brush.  For the lava, I mixed together some of my cheap orange paint, PVC glue and a few drops of Vallejo Still Water.  I then used an old brush and slathered it in between the cork slabs.  Once it dried, I added a healthy amount of Seraphim Sepia around the edges in order to add some color and heat variation in the lava flow, followed by some Mephiston Red in choice areas to break up the orange just a bit.


Next up: I added a few more precision drops of Still Water to mingle with the wash and reds, and add some vibrancy to the base.  I also dropped in a few, minute dabs of white paint in order to simulate hotter areas of the lava that essentially bubbled to the surface.


It was then time for some Formula Heartfire; I like this paint because it is very thin, and it flows in nicely and immediately starts to blend with the Still Water.  Once dry, I used a liberal coat of gloss varnish on the lava in order to give a nice, glowing sheen to any areas that were not covered in Still Water (which generally dries in a manner very similar to gloss varnish).


Finally, I painted the base edge in black.  After one more period of drying, I applied some matte varnish to the edges of the rock, as well as the base.


I skipped out on adding a large amount of red color, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Here is the based model:


Basing - step 1

I still have some details to iron out on the model itself (including the blasted edging on the armor.  I just need to knuckle down, prop up my painting arm, and grind it out), but I am pleased with the progression.  Once completed, he will be a fitting bodyguard for my Skeletor mashup…But that is a tale for another day.