I have put the finishing touches on my Dreadtober challenge, and it is ready for the limelight.

With the base complete, I was able to add some detail work to Trap Jaw.  This mainly included some rather basic, hatch-style highlighting on the dark blue/black armor – I did not like the look of the highlight lines that are molded on the helbrute armor; after toying around, I simply went with some small line highlights just to break up the monotony of the armor.  It’s nothing fancy, but I like what it does to the model.

I finished up with some clean-up work around the various hose connections, in addition to some clean-up where the lava flow meets the bare rock.

2016 Dreadtober Challenge – Trap Jaw

A special thanks is order to Joe at Broken Paintbrush for hosting the Dreadtober challenge, and for motivating me to complete my project. I look forward to the next one.

Beyond that, Trap Jaw is ready for the tabletop!