Deathshroud captain

Deathshroud bodyguards have been completed…Come and check them out!

Mortarion’s personal guard are now ready to hit the tables in support of their mighty – albeit slightly slimy – patriarch.


As mentioned in a previous post, I combined some Betrayal at Calth cataphractii termies with Putrid Blightkings bits.  The result is a motley crew of bodyguards.

Deathshroud captain

The scythe is a sword bit from the Putrid Blightkings, combined with a piece of wire and then paper strips for the grip.  I also recycled smoke launchers for the majority of the plaguespurt gauntlets; I also made a mold of the mace on one of the Dark Vengeance Chosen and in turn used this as a gauntlet as well.


More deathshroud

Deathshroud with custom gauntlet

I also had a few scythes from Kromlech, so I applied those to some of the models.  Unfortunately, their resin is very brittle, so I had to extend some of the handles with wire, if not replacing it altogether.  This model’s scythe borders on the smallish side, but I reckon it will cut through flesh and armor just the same.


Ha This gentleman’s arm pretty made him a shoe-in for a plaguespurt gauntlet wielder.  I really like how he turned out, with the dripping maw in the torso and other nurgly goodness.

Deathshroud with bio plaguespurt gauntlet

Here’s a group shot with the big man himself:

Mortarion with deathshroud

I also finished up a trio of Foetid Bloat-drones, with a heavy blight launcher on one model (the barrels were built out of the plastic tube from a writing pen).

Drones, drones!

Rear view of drones

And, I touched up a slightly modified unit of Dark Vengeance termies, giving them the nurgle treatment and hence running them as Blightlord termies:

Blightlord Terminators

With the addition of a daemon prince and/or chaos lord, I now have a fun Death Guard army to play.  So far, it is 0 for 2, but each game has been a blast and a laugh.

Death Guard Army, featuring Mortarion, Deathshroud, and drones.

The deathshroud are about as slow as anything, but they hit like trucks and keep Morty alive long enough to usually do some damage.  I will tweak the list as I have time, but until then I will enjoy playing it out.