With Nurgle in the air, a squad of plaguebearers is now under wraps.


It’s been a bit of a slow past few months for me, hobby-wise.  With kids running all over, and the wife coming up with projects, it was a miracle that I even managed to squeeze in a couple of games of Eighth edition.  In fact, I also partook in a couple of tournaments, heaven forbid; fun times, but the free time for hobbies outside of that (including painting, building, and so forth), in the lazy heat of summer, did not come easy.  Lots of rain in our neck of the woods as of late, which makes my excuses even harder to swallow.

That being said, I managed to squeeze out a squad of plaguebearers, which got the hobby juices flowing for more action with the brush.

Rot for the rot god!

They are a bit on the colorful side, with lots of neon greens mixed with Nurgle’s Rot, as well as some bruising on the models and toxic, glowing saliva.   You know…the usual Nurgle flair.  I enjoyed decorating the bases, which consist of Still Water (my ‘go to’ for Nurgle effects) mixed with PVC glue and a cheap, ‘neon green’ hobby craft paint.  I mix everything up, then goop it on a black-primed base.  Once it dries, I then mixed in some Nurgle’s Rot GW technical paint; once that also dries, I add a bit of gloss varnish to give it a glistening sheen o’ sickness.

More Nurgle Plaguebearers

My Nurgle goop also makes for good wound filler, alternating with Blood for the Blood God technical paint.  The swords are slathered with a wet brush’s worth of Kromlech’s Orange Rust weathering powder, followed by a hearty dry brush of Citadel’s Riza Rust to give it a bit more texture.  I find the Orange Rust to be a quick solution, although it requires a healthy coat of varnish to keep it from flaking off and spreading the rust all over the model.

Colorful Nurgle Plaguebearers

The bruising was rather straightforward – Citadel’s Druchi Violet and Formula P3’s Turquoise Ink, respectively.

Plaguebearers are down with the sickness

I have 30 completed Plaguebearers, and I am looking forward to running them as a bodyguard of sorts for Epidemius.  In, fact, I have an entirely new army in the works that centers around Epidemius and his bonuses to Nurgle Daemons.  I’ve got Warp Talons, Possessed, Obliterators, Heldrakes, a daemon prince, GUO, and a Defiler fixer-upper model to run, with Nurgle’s own tallyman to lead them to death or glory.  The heldrakes and prince are already painted in a similar fashion, as are the Obliterators (I have 26 Oblit models, and I am stoked that the latest chaos codex for Eighth edition raised their shooting attacks from two to four! – double the pleasure!  Double the fun!); the rest of the army has been primed and is awaiting paint.  I have never used Warp Talons or a Defiler, so can’t wait to run them on the table; the jury is out as to whether or not they are still shite units, but at least I will be fielding some variety in a themed army.

I am  attending a tournament in early September, and my goal is to have the army painted in time, as well as a nice spread of games under my belt beforehand.  I will showcase my units as I complete them, so here is to hoping for a fresh pint of blood getting pumped into this blog.   Until the next time…