It appears that the new Imperial Armour 13 will have some excellent vehicle selections for Chaos Marines.  With further ado, let’s jump into a very quick review or the Chaos options:

Chaos Fire Raptor Gunship: With a points value of a bit over a Heldrake, this baby brings plenty of heat: Reaper Autocannon gun batteries,  which can fire at separate targets, and an Avenger Bolt Cannon (S6, AP3, Heavy 7).  You can also add a dirge caster to assist any assaults (which need all of the help that they can muster).  With the drake nerfs in Seventh, the Fire Raptor can easily fill a large void in Chaos armies, and it brings plenty of firepower to compensate its location in the Heavy Support slot.  I rate it 4 of 5 skulls.

Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod: A Fast Attack choice that acts more like a hovering vehicle than a drop pod…But as an assault vehicle, it brings that oh-so-important delivery ‘instant’ delivery system that chaos players have been yearning for.  It suffers immobilization possibilities like any skimmer, but it can drop 10 troops where you need them most.  On the dakka side of things, it d6 S5 AP5 hits to any unit that it passes over, which also ignore cover.  It is the same cost as a Helbrute, which is quite a bit higher than loyalist drop pods.  But still, with the opportunity to deliver some beef to your opponent’s door step, it seems a price well worth the cost.

Chaos Sicaran Battle Tank: A 13/12/12 fast tank sporting a TL Accelerator Autocannon and Heavy Bolter, with Rending and the ignoring of hallowed jink saves!  That alone makes it a wellspring of dakka, and you can also move 6″ and fire all weapons.  Point-wise, it runs about the same cost as a Lascannon-wielding Helbrute, so not too shabby.

Note that the above (possibly excluding the Dreadclaw) are considered Chaos Relics, so you will need to run the appropriate HQ to use more than one.  This includes Abbadon or a Warpsmith.  Actually, including a few of these helps to offset the pricey tag of the Warpsmith, which sounds pretty cool as the makings of a Tech Cult or similar cult of wanton destruction.