Daemon Prince of Tzeentch for my Infernal Tetrad formation - side view.

I have finally completed by Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, and thus have round out my Infernal Tetrad.

Thanks to the in-laws coming into town for a week (normally pure hell when in-laws stay for extended periods, but not this time!), I found the time to complete my Tzeentch daemon prince model.

Ascended helbrute-prince of Tzeentch

This is probably the only time that I will place a helbrute on a flying base, but it at least breaks up the static poses of my other princes.  The shoulders are from a Dark Vengeance brute, but the legs are from the more recent helbrute kit (purchased for a song via spare bits).  Everything else is from my bits box.   The greenstuff work is a bit klunky here and there, but it is what it is.  Still, I like the guy, and he adds some flavor to my helbrute Tetrad.

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch for my Infernal Tetrad formation - side view.

Helbrute/Tzeentch daemon prince.

Back view of Tzeentch Daemon Prince

With that, the full Tetrad formation:

Infernal Tetrad, all built from helbrute models.

I am thinking of building up a helbrute Murderpack to round out an 1850 list – all comprised of helbrutes, technically: nine models, with some possible summoning.  I can squeeze in 5 reaper autocannons on the brutes, possibly a power scourge, and maybe even the Maelstrom Raider Legacy of Ruin for outflanking the brutes for extra hilarity.  Fun times, they be had!