Photo courtesy of Kilgub, via Flickr Creative Commons

It’s possible to attach a knight titan’s torso for ease of movement and storage…Without resorting to magnets.   Here’s how:


You will need one knight titan model, with the assembled torso and lower half, one 9/32 flathead bolt (I found mind in my bolt-box, but one can be easily obtained at any hardware store; go for one at least one inch in length), a hot wax glue gun (in this case, it provides a better bond than super glue), and some optional Green Stuff/epoxy to dress up the bolt head.

You will not need to use the half-round torso connector bit that comes with the knight titan model.

Spread some glue from the glue gun on the center of the top of the lower body connector, and then press the flat head of the bolt into the center.  It should only take a few seconds to cool and thus bond.

The 9/32 bolt has been attached to the lower half of the model.

The 9/32 bolt has been attached to the lower half of the model.

And…That’s it!  I used Green Stuff to create a border around the bolt head; this is optional but adds a bit of flair to the area. Feel free to use bits, etc.  The hole in the bottom of the upper torso fits perfectly over the bolt.  Simply screw it on clockwise to attach the upper torso, and unscrew counterclockwise to remove.  So easy a caveman can do it.