January will soon be making way for February, and it is high time to share some of my progress in this brave, new year.


First off, I made ‘some’ headway in my current project list.  Namely, I completed my Iron Warriors daemon prince.

Iron Warriors Daemon Prince

I had a daemon prince that was collecting dust, so I decided that he should become a fitting leader for a small Iron Warriors detachment.  I gave him some bionics, but nothing too fancy.

Iron Warriors - Daemon Prince profile

It was a rather quick paint job, once I actually got around to it.  He has a similar paint scheme to my Iron Warriors oblits, with some Leadbelcher and Iron Breaker to keep him honest, along with some Formula P3 red ink to jazz up his armor just a bit.

Iron Warriors Obliterators

I suspect that Tzeentch is secretly his patron, and I am quite certain that he is up to something nefarious…Probably enraged over the loss of limb at the hands/claws of <insert name of an infamous chaos warband here>, no doubt.

I still have several projects to complete on my paint table:

  • Completion of the Slaanesh and Tzeentch daemon princes for my Infernal Tetrad.  I decided to break apart my Tzeentch prince, as I was not satisfied with an earlier build.  So, he still needs quite a bit of work.  The Slaanesh fiend only needs some detail paint and base completed, and he will be ready to rock and roll – leather for the leather god!  I kind of lost interest in painting them, but need to rekindle that spark and crank them out.
  • Khorne Juggernaut lord – I did some small detail work, and really could finish him out in 3 good hours.
  • I have a Genestealer Cult that is sitting in a box in my closet, begging to be finished.  It is comprised of several Rogue Trader-era miniatures, some crazy conversions, and a handful of new releases.  I am trying to come up with a new paint scheme for the actual genestealers.  Once that happens, I am sure that the assembly line will turn on and I can start cranking them out.
  • A squad of Death Guard chaos marines, as well as a squad of havoks.  I can then run a nasty little warband that can take a punch and dish out some pus and pain.

I am happy to say that I completed the Death Watch dreadnought that I mentioned in my last post.  Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a photo of him before handing him off to his owner.  I am hopeful that I can grab a photo of him sometime soon on the gaming table…But a man with limited time can only dream…

I have also been brainstorming a new, themed army for the upcoming year.  With a few in mind, a Jokaero/Genestealer Cult is at the top of the list.  I have several models for it from an Inquistor’s retinue that I ran the past couple of  years that would segue quite nicely into it.  Really, it would be Inquisition with Militarum Tempestus – lots of hard-hitting yet fragile units, more akin to snarling, mutated apes than anything.  Of course, they would be led by this guy (my stand-in Inquisitor Karamazov):
Inquisitor Karamazov is a xenos!

I am only brainstorming at this stage, so I don’t want to get too excited in the event that it does not come to fruition.  Besides, I have enough current projects to see to the end (like my Skeletor and retinue, for example).

Anyways, more to come in the [hopefully] near future!