Plague zombies

With Halloween just around the corner, it is high time to build some more plague zombies.  Here is how they turned out!

I am a big fan of Typhus and the plague zombies that he inevitably brings to the table.  Sure, one can run Renegades & Heretics and thus get access to arguably better zombies, but then one misses out on Typhus.  Outside of strength 10 attacks (and yes, my Typhus has fallen to Riptide Smash attacks), and a ton of grav, there is not a lot that can take Typhus down quickly.

But enough on the big T.  Let’s get down to plague zombies.  I pulled out some spare Dark Vengeance Cultists, along with a small bag of fantasy zombies bits and Mantic’s corporate zombie bits, and went to work, with the following results:

Typhus with a plague zombie squad

Typhus and friends

The models were primed in a light gray, and then base painted with some standard colors.  For the clothing, I opted to drench the models in Coelia Greenshade, with the flesh painted in either Rakarth Flesh or Nurgling Green.  Anything not covered by Coelia Greenshade instead received a healthy dose of Agrax Earthshade.

More plague zombies

I added some gore and rot via Blood for the Blood God and Nurgle’s Rot technical paints, respectively.  I also used my glue gun in small doses in order to add a bit more slime and gore on some of the models.


Blood and gore, courtesy of hot wax from my glue gun

Blood and gore, courtesy of hot wax from my glue gun

More blood and gore on my Nurgle Plague Zombies

A bit of Typhus Corrosion technical paint graced a couple of shoulder pads, but unlike on my plague marines, I kept its use to a minimum.

The bases were primed with Nurgling Green; I then mixed up a concoction of PVC glue, matte medium, some sand flock, and then cheap neon green paint by Americana, and then applied it in large swathes.  Once dry, I covered it with gloss varnish in order to procure the sick sheen of rotting pools.

More painted zombies


For a rather quick paint job, I like how they turned out.

I typically run plague zombies in a standard CSM CAD, and usually with Typhus, a sorcerer on palanquin, and then obliterators and possibly a heldrake.  However, there are some somewhat new formations that I want to try in the near future:

  1. The Lost and The Damned formation, from Traitor’s Hate: one Dark Apostle and four to nine units of cultists comprise this formation.  When a unit is completely destroyed, a d6 roll of a 4+ will immediately put the unit into Ongoing Reserves.  And, they can even Outflank.  This is a cool formation for minimum squads of zombies, as they also gain Zealot when within six inches of the Dark Apostle.  With a 50% chance to come back on the board, I would play the units in a very aggressive manner…Especially since they are not objective secured.   I am not sure if this formation is worth the tax for the Dark Apostle, but it does lend to some cool modelling opportunities, as well as a break from my traditional method of simply squatting zombies on objectives in large blobs.
  2. Cult of Slaughter formation, from The Crimson Slaughter: another Dark Apostle,but with two to eight units of cultists in tow.  The cultists get a leadership bonus if within range of the apostle…But that is irrelevant because I am running them as fearless zombies.  Any unit within 18 inches of the apostle also get to restore d6 lost zombies from the squad.  This is a nice bonus for objective squatting zombies, as well as for tar pitting duty.  I actually prefer this setup  over the Traitor’s Hate formation, as you are guaranteed to replenish your ranks while your apostle is alive.

Do these formations offer enough incentive over a traditional CAD?  The jury is out, but respawning zombies sound rather tasty.  The Dark Apostle could get the Burning Brand or something, although I don’t think I want to dump too many points in him.

I plan on taking these formations for a spin in the near future and finding out what works best for my zombie hordes.