With some extended time off due to the birth of a new family member, I was able to build and paint a new Army.  Come and check it out!

Over the course of a couple of months, I was able to whittle away at a new Death Guard army.

The army includes a daemon prince conversion, built with some leftover daemon bits, a hive tyrant’s legs, some third-party wings, Mortarion’s extra staff bit, and some greenstuff.  I used parts off an old plaguespewer and then attached it to the prince’s arm via a couple of magnets; that way, it can be removed as needed.

The zombies/poxwalkers are a mix of Mantic corporate marines/zombies/ghouls, as well as GW’s zombie range.  I have several unpainted zombies to add to the army at some point in the future, but these two squads of 10 should suffice for the short term.

The Tallyman is converted from a Dark Apostle, and the Typhus model is an old metal model of the same name, but with some additional TLC added in to suit.  He can also double as either a Lord of Contagion or Deathshroud in a pinch.

The blight launcher on one of the bloat drones is scratch built from an old, plastic ink pen and some spare bits I had in my bin.

The plague marines are full of conversions that use bits form the fantasy Blightlords kit, as well as some third party shoulder pads and helmets (Kromlech, I believe) sprinkled in to taste.

In short, it appears to be a fun, balanced list that should be fun on the table top.  Not pictured are a couple of nurgle-tainted rhinos that can haul plague marines about the board.

Death Guard Army