Deathshroud unit

Over the weekend I finished sculpting and piecing together my Deathshroud, and I want to share my progress.

I have been working on a just-for-fun list that involves at least 4 squads of Deathshroud to accompany Mortarion on the field of rotting honor.  I don’t expect to win many games with it, but the fluff is quite tasty, along with the mental image of Mortarion’s finest, embattled around their dark lord and daemon prince lieutenants.  It’s a slow list, but if the shroud can keep Morty alive for the first few turns, I suspect that he in turn can wipe a good chunk of the opponent’s army.  Plus, the shroud hit like filthy hammers in melee, and their rotten little flamethrowers can put a dent in troop screens.   It’s kind of a ‘sh!t or get off the pot’ style of list, but it sounds fun and should have a cool visual.

Enough of the prelude: after locating some cheapish Betrayal at Calth cataphractii terminator sprues, and tracking down a Putrid Blightkings box, I was able to combine the two in order to have my own unique blend of shroud.

Deathshroud conversions

I had to make some quick spot molds for cataphractii rear torsos, which I in turn hot glued to the back of some of the extra Blightkings front torsos.  They were a little rough around the edges, which actually fits nicely with the corroded nurgle theme.  Most of the manreapers are crafted from utility wire and Blightking swords, with minute strips of an envelope from junk mail (putting it to good use!) wrapped around the handles via PVA glue.  I picked up some power scythes from Kromlech some time ago, and I worked these into the mix as I could.

I was going to create some greenstuff hoods/shrouds for all of the bare heads, but in the end decided to leave them as is.  I may revisit this after painting, but it is not a priority at this stage.

Next up is Mortarion. I am working on some scratchbuilt, ‘fallen angel’-style wings, as well as an arm conversion that lets him double-fist his scythe, Silence.

I am hopeful to run this army in my next GT a la Warzone Atlanta, but I will be cutting it down to the wire in getting it painted and on a suitable display board.  This week will tell if it will indeed be that army, so here is to fruitful nights!