With some steady progress, I was able to complete another project on my list – my Slaanesh daemon prince is now under wraps.

I have been working on an Infernal Tetrad for a number of months now, with the basis being that all of the princes must be comprised of helbrute models.  As it stands, each model has been increasing in complexity and customization. The nurgle prince was fairly quick work and the first to be completed, while the khorne prince was complete last year.

Nurgle and Khorne helbrute conversions.

I finally completed the Slaanesh prince this week:

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

He has the familiar, Dark Vengeance helbrute ’tilt,’ but also sports some additional arms from the chaos spawn kit.  The wings are spares from a daemon prince lot I bought for a song a number of months ago.  Other than that, he is nothing too fancy – the white armor took a fair number of coats, and I forsook any other detail work on the armor itself, other than edging the armor in gold.  I added a small greenstuff crater to the back of the base and then filled it with some Slaanesh-style liquid  (only Slaanesh knows what it is for certain hint*Stillwater*).

Slaanesh Daemon Prince - profile

Slaanesh Prince - rear view

The pictures are a bit more refined, thanks in part to a new lightbox I threw together, compliments of some handy resources on the Broken Paintbrush website.  The lightbox itself is nothing more than a cardboard box (a salute to the valiant 12 beers who gave up their lives for this project) with cutout ‘windows,’ which in turn are covered with parchment paper.

Custom lightbox on the cheap

It is definitely not fancy, but it jazzes up my photo shoots considerably, IMHO.  I love cheap, simple solutions, for sure.

Here is a Great Unclean One (Kromlech’s Rotten Butcher model – it is such a cool sculpt) that I recently touched up and then stuck in the lightbox:

Great Unclean One - Rotten Butcher

I will assuredly improve on my lightbox as time passes, but for a quick solution, it will do!

Next up, the Tzeentch portion of my Infernal Tetrad…