The completed nurgle knight

I had the pleasure in participating in a local tournament a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got around to posting the batrep.

The tournament was 1850 points, limited to 1 CAD (with very modest restrictions), and was supposed to provide incentive to bring vehicles (with an official moniker of ‘Tanksgiving’).  With that in mind, I decided to skip on the vehicles and run:

  • Nurgle Daemon Prince with Black Mace, ML3
  • Be’Lakor
  • Two units of 5 Nurgle Spawn
  • Two units of barebones cultists
  • Heldrake with flame-on
  • Daemon Chaos Knight Errant of Nurgle
  • Lone Nurgle Mutilator to round out the points

I focused on a plethora of quick, punchy units to hopefully charge and overwhelm any vehicle gunlines.  For the most part, my strategy worked.

Game 1

vs Eldar hornets, wasps, flies, bumblebees, etc…

The random misssion was kill points, so vehicles received no bonuses (ha).  Luckily, we had Dawn of War deployment, so I could close quickly.  I formed a wall of Spawn in front of my knight and nurgle prince, stuck Be’lakor on the flank, and another unit of Spawn going high-diddle-diddle right up the middle.

Game 1 of Tanksgiving Tourney

My prince stayed under the protection of Iron Arm for a good chunk of the game, and the spawn provided cover for the knight (thanks in part to shrouded conferred as a Daemon of Nurgle via ITC).  I lost a few spawn quickly, but otherwise was able to quickly reach my opponent’s lines and commence to dropping wounds.  The knight fell in Turn 3, and the pesky Eldar walkers proved rather resilient to Spawn…But in the end, I was able to kill enough to take the lead and the win (in addition to rocking out the secondaries).

Game 1 - Nurgle goodness!

Choose your poison!


Game 2

vs Tau gunline of doom.

As luck would have it, we rolled up another Dawn of War deployment with Relic as the primary.  My opponent had a ton of firepower, but made the mistake of moving in close in order to get some shots off.  As such, I quickly steamrolled two of the riptides and took control of the Relic.  From there, it was simply a matter of taking out each unit piecemeal.

Game 2

I was able to table my opponent, which I must admit does not happen too often when I face Tau.

Be'Lakor lurks in the shadows.

Be’Lakor lurks in the shadows.


Game 3

vs more Eldar: bikes and Wraithknight

This turned out to be an objective-based game, with Vanguard Strike deployment.

Game 3 - the knight looks on

I made the mistake of keeping a squad of Spawn out in the open come turn 1, and my opponent obliterated them with scatbikes.  The knight did not do much, as he failed a 4 inch charge and then was pinned away from the closest objective.   My opponent played very conservatively with his wraithknight, but was able to keep the pressure on my units.

Game 3 - turn 2

We only made it to round 3 on account of my opponent playing a new army, and this did not help matters – I nabbed an objective with my cultists (who deftly avoided scat laser volleys), but I needed another turn to pick up an objective with my knight; additionally, I had a unit of 3 spawn in combat with a unit of warp spiders, but rolling a ‘1’ for attacks meant that I could not kill them and thus consolidate on the nearby objective.  As such, I lost the primary by 1 point…A good, fun game, but my kingdom for another turn!


I ended up in fourth place.  As it turns out, the winner was wielding a Reaver Titan (the apparent ‘surprise’ was that nobody knew this was allowed in the tourney – ha), so I am at least fortunate that I did not have to face that monstrosity!  Good times, nonetheless.