A nurlgified Abaddon the Rotten Despoiler

I finished some new models in time for a regional 40K GT tourney, and as such will slap you with some knowledge concerning my army and games.

First off, I finished some new models for use in the tournament.  I purchased a rotten lord from Scibor Miniatures on the cheap, and in turn painted him up as a Herald of Nurgle (with a quick option to add a storm bolter and also run his stinkin’ keyster as a chaos lord/sorcerer in the future).

Here is the original figure.

I also painted up a daemon prince model that I had, adding a gladiator-style mask and helmet, along with a large amount of homemade nurgle slime (cheap neon paint mixed with elmer’s glue, along with hot wax from a glue gun, and then slathered in a few coats of gloss varnish).

The finished results:

Nurgle Daemon Prince and custom Herald of Nurgle

Next up for a paint revamp was a metal Abaddon model that was lurking in a box of old figures.  I opted to nurglify him with rusted armor and weaponry and then proceeded to slime him up as well; in the end did not care for the effect and hence removed it all.

Here is the ‘slimed’ version:

A nurlgified Abaddon the Rotten Despoiler

My 2000 point army for the Come the Apocalypse GT event consisted of the following:

Chaos Space Marines – Black Legion legion
-Abaddon (WARLORD, +2 CP)
-Obliterators, Black Legion (3 models) x5 units

-Daemon Prince – Nurgle, Wings, Malefic Clawsx2, Warp Bolter
-Daemon Prince – Nurgle, Wings, Helforged Sword, Malefic Claw, Warp Bolter
-Herald of Nurgle

-Plaguebearers x 30, Instrument, Icon

And, a shot of the army:

Nurgle/Black Legion army for the 2017 Come the Apocalypse GT for Warhammer 40k

Stay tuned for the bat rep!