In continuance of the previous week’s post, I discuss my results from the Come the Apocalypse GT and then grade each of my units.

In my previous post, I gave a quick list of the army that I played at the Come the Apocalypse GT in Alabama.  The tournament entailed the playing of five rounds, with a painting and sportsmanship grade added to the results.  It was one hell of a fun tournament, located in a cool venue with a adjacent grocery store, nearby restaurants, and a decent bar within a short walk’s distance.  With refreshment in hand, I tested out my Nurgle list against some of the area’s finest.

Game 1 – In a matchup vs my travelmate Carter’s Ynnari, I got my ass handed to me in no short order.  I failed to seize and then lost roughly a third of my army to potent Eldar shooting.  Carter was a master at bubble wrapping his important stuff so that I could only pick away at the chaff and small units.  Coupled with a few mistakes on my part, and I was unfortunately tabled on turn 5, losing 19 – 1. Soulburst is rough to face, but I at least was able to eradicate over half of his army with shooting from my rapidly dwindling army…Just not any of the important stuff.

Game 2 – As the gods would have it, I faced yet another travelmate from my local gaming scene.  I went first, dropped in and proceeded to decimate his Tau with Oblit shooting and daemon prince charging.  I kept most of my units in a central location and worked my way down his firing line, removing units as I could.  Oblit fire can be potent, and my belief is that going first in Eighth edition gives a huge advantage, especially for my army.  John made a game of it and was able to remove some units, but in the end, his 25+ units did not have much of a chance vs my 11 units in a kill points primary.

Game 3 – Vs Russell’s Dark Angels.  I again went first and dropped in my Oblits, removing his Baneblade in the process.  From there, it was just a matter of isolating a unit and then targeting it with everything while using my princes as distraction pieces that could not really be ignored.  I pulled another major victory, but had I went second, it would have assuredly been an uphill battle.

Game 4 – vs Ian’s crons.  Necron pylons are stern stuff, along with reanimating lynchguard who refuse to die.  This game was a slugfest with most of my units in a combat quagmire in the middle of the board.  The pylon removed several units before I was able to close and at least tie it up for a couple of turns.  I removed most of my opponent’s army but was thinned out in the process.  I had enough left to claim victory on either turns 5 or 6; unfortunately for me, the game drug on to 7, and I lost just enough to push the victory in my opponent’s favor.

Game 5 – My last game pitted my army against Custodes, assassins, and the only loyal primarch currently in play.   The primary mission was Relic.  I ended up going second, and my Plaguebearers, Epidemius and herald were quickly tied up by the Culexus and Eversor assassins, resulting in a bit of a stalemate until the Custodes charged in and cleaned everything out.  I dropped in  my oblits on my flank and quickly removed all of my opponents devastator squads.  It was an unorthodox move that my opponent did not expect.  However, Jason was able to jog to the relic and push away from my slow moving oblits.  Once he thinned out my anvil of plaguebearers, he simply retreated to the other side of the board, and there was no way that I could catch him (or deal with custodes in combat).  We called it after 4 turns, and it was a loss for yours truly.

I ended up maxing out the painting and sportsmanship scores, which put me in 11th place out of 31.  I also managed to win Best Painted and tied for Sportsmanship, which put some cool prizes in my pocket…Never a bad thing.

Grading each of my units:

  • Abaddon: B+; although he rarely was a deciding factor in much combat, his reroll ability granted to the obliterators was solid and practically necessary for at least one of my victories. He did soak up at least 5 CPs as a result of rolling 1’s for his daemon weapon, though. His combat prowess only helped in one game, where he was able to whittle down quite a few necron lynchguard with the help of a daemon prince. In one other game, he was only fed a couple of cheap chaff squad and then died to return fire; against Tau, he had a couple of good combats, although at that point the game was already decided in my favor. If just using him for rerolls, it may be better to just take a much cheaper chaos lord and then eat any twos that are rolled.
  • Obliterators: A-; these guys performed the meat of my destruction, dropping in and shooting things to paste. In combat, they don’t contribute much until Epidemius beefs them up with an additional attack (and really, that extra point of defense). Having Abaddon to babysit them was not as fruitful as I hoped. Their movement was also a major hindrance in one game, although to my [dis]credit I did not advance them and then shoot their assault weapons…So with a solid drop point, the movement is not really an issue.
  • Daemon Prince with malefic claws: C+; I unfortunately used my princes as essentially distractions, plowing them out ahead of my army to take fire and force some hard decisions for my opponent. In hindsight, they needed to develop for at least a turn and hunker behind a screen. Thus, my grade is rather low for how I played them. They did have a few tasty combats, although it was gross overkill and hence not much of a benchmark. He did finally make it into combat with a Necron Pylon, but did not have enough meaty attacks to make a huge dent (other than buying my units some more time; if the game ended on any turn but 7, I would have pulled out a victory).
  • Daemon Prince with Sword: C+; Same as above, so the lack of the claw attacks was not much of an issue in my games. I would probably run him again just for the additional damage (and I really like my conversion, so…).
  • Herald of Nurgle: C-; His lot in life was to simply sit on objectives. I would be better served using his 70 points on something else. I love my model, so I may just attach a combi-bolter to him and run his as the chaos lord that replaced ole’ Abaddon.
  • Epidemius: B-; His buffs were helpful, but really were overkill as by the time I had him charged up, the games were well in hand. He did tie up a Tau Commander in combat for a couple of turns, along with a Culexus for several turns. He seems to pair well with Oblits, especially if he can get them to that extra point of defense. They also benefit the most from the extra movement. I may have to try him out with Mortarion and/or some Foetid bloat drones. Oh how I wish he could smite.
  • Plaguebearers: C-; They did not do to much, with the exception of holding out on objectives and then tying up a large squad of Custodes, and assassins, for two turns (even killing one Custodes in combat). They got hosed on quite a few morale tests, and their damage output is just not that great, even for a large, beefy squad. I may have to replace them with Cultists (especially if I can work in the strategem that lets Cultists recoup all lossed and then outflank), or possibly even Nurglings.

I am refining this army for Warzone Atlanta, which I luckily got the green light to attend (albeit with family in tow).  I really want to work Mortarion into the list, so I will look for some playtesting to see what I can squeeze in.

In the meantime, I started a new side project and then completed an old figure that was sitting in my queue.

I bought some cheap Stormcast eternals over the past year; with some tournament winnings going to some bits, I have finally started converting them to Custodes.

Adeptus Custodes conversions.

The swords and shields come from Kromlech, the spear and helm are bits from MaxMini, and the bare head hails from Scibor.  I picked up everything on the cheap, and I have enough stormcasts to field 15 Custodes.  Coupled with a spare land raider or two, and a Contemptor, I have the makings of a new army.  I rarely play the ‘good guys,’ but I consider the Custodes cool enough to bypass that self-imposed restriction.

I also found the time to finish an old Genestealer Cult magus.  This guy is close to 30 years old but wears it well.

Genestealer Cult Magus

He has been waiting for quite some time for a paint job (although nowhere close to 30 years!); it is not the greatest, but it matches the rest of my army and will at least allow him to hit the tables for death or glory (probably death, but a man can dream).