A quick progress update on some painting projects, as well as a list musing…

It was not the busiest week for my hobby time, but nonetheless I was able to crank out some models and make some updates to lingering projects.

First up: I finished the three obliterators from my last progress update.

Iron Warriors Obliterators

I will run these as Iron Warriors (note that oh-so-subtle hazard stripes?) in order to add a bit more beef to my Obliterator Cult.  They can also serve as Tzeentch-marked Oblits in a pinch, thanks in part to the Egyptian-themed necro heads that I procured from some third party vendor some time ago (well, one is actually a biomechanical head from PuppetsWar).  These are the old metal monsters and as such can be placed in a sock  and used to strike down any who defy me or mine.

Next up is a quick snapshot of my current workload.  I have an Iron Warriors daemon prince on the left, followed by a helbrute-converted prince of Slaanesh, prince of Tzeenth, a juggerlord of Khorne (he was built in my last project update, and he finally got a base coat of paint), and a Deathwatch dread that I am painting up for someone in my local gaming group.  Not a ton of progress – well, the Slaanesh prince has been sitting in my to-do bin for nigh on a year – but paint has been applied, and progress doth continueth.

Painting projects for January of 2017.

The Tzeentch prince is actually receiving a revamp – he was a completed model, but I did not care for the head.  So, he gets a bonafide daemon head, as well as a bunch of Tzeentchy gear.

The two princes are actually part of an Infernal Tetrad that I have in the works. The plan is to run all 4 princes (all built from helbrute models), along with one of two of the Helbrute formations…It’s probably the only way that I can get away with  fielding an all-helbrute army (literally).

Here are the Nurgle and Khorne princes:

Nurgle and Khorne helbrute conversions.

Soon, they shall rule the local battlefields with iron fists and piercing mind bullets!

List-wise, I have nailed down a fun Obliterator Cult at 1850. It won’t win any accolades in the mobility department, but it can shoot most things off of the board outright.

Death Guard – Cult of Destruction formation

  • Warpsmith, Mark of Nurgle, Plaguebringer daemon weapon
  • Five squads of 3 obliterators with Mark of Nurgle

Iron Warriors CAD

  • Daemon Prince, Mark of Tzeentch, Fleshmetal Exoskeleton, ML3, Spell Familiar
  • 3 single Oblits (as troops, thanks to Iron Warriors doctrine)

That comes to a grand total of 18 oblits, 3 of which are objective secured in addition to having tank hunter.  The prince is there to summon a speedy unit if needed, and he brings some combat prowess to fight off any melee threats.  He is sporting a 2+ re-rollable thanks to the fleshmetal relic, and he is a lot of fun to play.  I am shooting for Cursed Earth to give the Oblits a helping hand.

The Warpsmith will most likely be warlord, and he can throw up to 11 attacks on the charge thanks to the AP3 daemon weapon.  The Death Guard oblits get Fearless (yeah!) and Feel No Pain (hell yeah!!), along with T5, so they should stick around long enough to throw some serious lead down range.

The real selling point is the low model count, which most of my lists have been leaning towards as of late.  That being said, I have a Typhus/Death Guard horde in the works as well that just might see the light of day.  I will share some more info as I find the time.  Until then…