With time on my side, I was able to finish up one project and make significant progress on another.  Thus, it’s time for a quick project update:


First up, I completed my Khorne Jugger-lord, finally applying the paint and varnish.

Khorne Jugger-lord

I envisioned the addition of more skulls and details, but in the end opted for a more simplistic approach (laziness?  never!).  He is comprised solely of leftover bits from previous projects.

Khorne Jugger-lord- side view

As it stands, I have a daemon prince and bloodthirster in the same motif; as such, I am thinking of crafting up an army centered around these models (either World Eaters or Daemonkin, methinks).  This will fall in a bit low in my queue, but it could be fun.

Progress has been made on my daemon prince of Tzeentch:

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch for an Infernal Tetrad

I initially used a head from a fantasy griffon, but instead decided to go with a standard ‘daemon prince’ spare.  I still have a loincloth and leg armor bits to add, but I like the stance and am looking forward to adding some uniform paint coats.