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Tis the season for a full workbench!  To help push the work down the line, I am posting about my current hobby ‘to-do’ list.I have several small projects on the burner.

For starters, I wrapped up a trio of Plague Marines to add to my Nurgle ranks.

Plague Marines soon rolling off the workbench.

Nothing too fancy with these guys, other than some heavily rusted armor and slimy bases.  With the new Death Guard rules, these guys may be relegated to plain ole’ Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.

Next up is a Chaos Spawn model.  I have a ton of leftover spawn bits; I like to add them to Genestealer torsos, glue them to a mountain of cork,  and call it a day.

Chaos Spawn conversion

I am finishing up a small army of Obliterators.  In this instance, these will be run as Iron Warriors.

Iron Warriors Obliterators

On that note, I recently ran an Obliterator Cult for a local CADhammer-style tournament – 15 Iron Warriors oblits (they count as troops in the new Iron Warriors legion rules), led by a Chaos lord.  I placed third, thanks in part to the firepower and resiliency of oblits.  However, strength 8 attacks kabashed me in my last game (for the championship); as such, I will stick to Mark of Nurgle oblits for future events…Although, objective-secured oblits are a beautiful sight to behold.

A Chaos jugger lord is up next. This is a kitbash of a bloodcrusher body and spare daemon prince bits, along with some dreadnought bits (and an ogryn head).

Jugger Lord conversion

I don’t really have a themed army in which to run him, but I have enough oddball units in order to pull off a passable Daemonkin list.  So,that may be on the docket for 2017.  Running him as a warlord for a World Eaters army could also be fun and rewarding.

Jugeger Lord 2

I suppose that he can also double as a daemon prince in a pinch.

Finally, I am almost ready to start detail work on a mounted chaos sorcerer:

Skeletor, a chaos space marines sorcerer

The plan is to run an ‘Eternia Unleashed’ chaos warband, and this model will be one of the linchpins.  Time will tell how far I get on the army, but at least the sorcerer (along with his astute comrade, Trap Jaw), will be ready to rock.

I still have updates to my Genestealer Cult to process.  This includes a mixture of both old and new models, but I will save it for another post.

Posted on December 22, 2016

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  1. Loving the demon prince centaur, great idea. That idea may have to be stolen.

    But the idea of 15 obliterators as an army is insane! I hadn’t looked into the Iron Warriors rules at all, hmmm tempting.

    • GameOn says:

      It’s not stealing, simply borrowing and then re-purposing. 🙂

      Oblits are probably my favorite unit, and quite possibly one of the most balanced in the game. I ran 18 of them in an unbound tournament a couple of years ago, and it was a blast – units of single oblits dropping in and saying hello. This time around, I might have to pair them with a beefy Daemon Prince [or two] – The Iron Warriors have a relic that confers a 2+ save and IWND: putting this on a Tzeentch DP sounds quite fun, and it gives me an excellent conversion opportunity for my spare daemon bits and cyberwolf hind legs.

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