Ever bouncing between projects, I have been working on a Mortarion model to lead my Deathshroud.  Come and see how he is turning out!

I have always been intrigued with the old Epic model of Mortarion, which depicts him as the angel of death.

Mortarion from Epic Space Marine, compliments of Games Workshop

I dig the two-handed scythe and batlike wings, although after much debate with myself in the wee hours, I decided to go with a ‘rotten-angel’ style of wings, similar to a carrion bird.  I cut out the desired shape with cardboard and then applied a thin layer of SuperSculpey to give it some girth and depth.  This was placed in the oven at 275 degrees for 15 minutes, and I thus had a solid base on which to layer out the feathers.

Custom wings, via SuperSculpey and greenstuff

I cut out some rough triangle shapes from sheets of greenstuff; I then used an xacto knife to sculpt in some feather-like edges – the minute and random stretching of the greenstuff created some asymmetric patterns that I could then use to attach to the SuperSculpey framework.

I am not a fan of the Morty model’s one-hand scythe, so I opted to extend it into a bit more of a menacing weapon.  I smoothed out a run of greenstuff over a piece of stiff wire, attached the blade of Silence, and then smoothed out the curing greenstuff a bit further to get rid of fingerprints and other flotsam.  I then cut small strips from an old envelope and wrapped around the middle portion of the handle in order to break up the staff’s texture and to offer a grip of sorts.

Next up, repositioned his arms, drilled small holes and then attached thin filament wire at the wrist stumps, wrapped said wire around the scythe’s new handle, and then sculpted hands out of greenstuff.

Mortarion sporting new wings and a mean looking scythe.

The wings were attached at his back with wire, with greenstuff sculpted around to act as the base of the wings.  Mortarion has a lot of indentations on the back for other bits, so I had to fill these in with greenstuff and sculpt and/or smooth accordingly.

Mortarion, the angel of death...Soon coming to a 40k table near you!

I am pleased with the result.  Next up will be a reworking of the base to include a ton of Nurgle-style details, as well as the cleanup of the base of the wings.  Finally, I will slap some paint on Morty and his Deathshroud and then hit the tables.  More to come in the near future!