Image by Duncan via FLickr

Here are the confirmed rules for allies in Warhammer 40k Seventh Edition

Battle Brothers:

  • They can benefit from warlord traits
  • IC’s can join with friendlies for psychic abilities and powers
  • They can use modifiers and re-rolls, such as rolling for reserves
  • They can use special abilities, such as repairing vehicles
  • Can embard on friendly transports

Allies of Convenience:

  • They are treated as enemy units, but can’t be charged, attacked or targeted
  • They cannot move within 1″ of eachother
  • IC’s cannot join

Desperate Allies:

  • Same as AoC, but if within 6″ of eachother,  roll a D6: on a 1 they can do nothing for that turn

Come the Apocalypse:

  • Pretty much the same as Desperate Allies,  but they cannot deploy within 12″ of eachother


Allies do not suffer any restrictions for scoring.  So, does this mean that daemon troops can now ride shotgun in CSM transports?  This opens up all sorts of other potential combos.