This week, I started on my pledge for the Squaduary 2017 challenge.

Squaduary, hosted by Stepping Between Games, is a month-long squad building and painting challenge, which takes the squad from prep and assembly, and up to painting, basing, and so forth, covering the entire month of February.  As I am looking for any and all motivation to finish my Genestealer Cult army, it was only natural that I chose a squad of neophytes to enter into the challenge.

My squad is more of a hodgepodge of chaos cultists, genestealer cult neophyte models, some Empire flagellant bits thrown in the mix, and some great hairless heads from maxmini.- in short, it is a true representation of the flotsam and jetsam that could inevitably ends up in the initial clutches of a genestealer infiltration – working class stragglers, the downtrodden, unfortunate souls caught in the wrong place…The list goes on.

‘Give us your poor, your hungry, your tired…and we will infect and twist them to the cause.’ – Magus Tweedaddle From-Anywhere


Squaduary challenge week 1 - Neophytes for Genestealer Cult

It’s a motley crew, for sure.  Some of the models have been previously primed, and I had to dab on some greenstuff for some quick touch ups. Otherwise, the build phase was fairly straightforward.

Another photo of a Genestealer Cult squad of Neophytes, assembled for the Squaduary challenge

The box of neophytes comes with a ton of extra heads and arms, which makes it a great bargain, especially when coupled with the lowly chaos cultist model in order to procure some extra bodies for the cause.

Next week starts with a consistent layer of primer on all models, followed by some initial paint coats.  Good times!