Progress has been made as I wrap up the second week of the Squaduary Challenge.
As week two of the Squaduary Challenge, hosted by Stepping Between Games, comes to a close, I want to share my progress on a squad of Genestealer Cult neophytes.

Squaduary Challenge - Week 2's work

The base colors have been applied, although a fair chunk detail work still needs to be added – mainly small stuff, such as belts, badges, cuffs, and so forth.  I went for a good mix of orange jump suits, possibly representing a ‘liberated’ group of prison inmates and other salt of the earth.  In short, it is not that impressive as of yet, but I am hoping to bring everything to life come week three.

Squaduary Challenge - week 2 in the books

Outside of this squad, my week of painting has been relatively slow.  My 2.5 year old toddlers badgered me enough that I finally let them each paint a figure.  It was fun, but more paint ended up on my fingers and pants than on the miniatures.  At least they are learning, and I am hoping that the early start will spark a lifetime of interest in miniatures (and hopefully 40k), as it has for me.

Tis a quick update, but am hoping to have more to share in the following week.