Merry band of Genestealer Cult mutant neophyte brothers

With time as my enemy, I still managed to update my squad with some snazzy new paint.


Due to some upcoming work constraints, I have been a bit limited on time for this week’s Squaduary Challenge.  As such, I had to scramble to get my squad of Neophyte Acolytes up to some semblance of snuff.  Here is what I have:

A ragtag band of neophyte miscreants, just in time for Week 3 of th Squaduary Challenge

Since last week, I have touched up the basic layers and then added some details; a tattoo here, a scar there…Just your average day for a band of xenos-tainted convict miscreants.  The fearless leader is sporting a power pick and web pistol, along with the unfortunate ex-warden’s snazzy duster.  Spoils of war and all.

Merry band of Genestealer Cult mutant neophyte brothers

With faces that only their mothers could love, they stay hidden for a reason.  The blue shade on the loin cloth and other accessories is the main color of the Genestealer Cult army; hence, I tried to work it in subtly.  The versatile chaos cultist model is practically tailor-made for the neophyte role; and I am fortunate to have many that will inevitably fall into the warm clutches of the cult.

I managed to pick up a couple of cult mining lasers for a song, so they will also make their way into this squad if I can find the time.

More neophte hybrids, based on the Chaos Cultist model.

It took some trimming to fit on actual neophyte heads, but they worked out in the end.  The neophyte kit comes with a ton of spare bits – heads, arms, and so forth.  In turn, these are perfect to work in as I can.  I still need to paint the eyes and then give them some purdy bases. I might even try to work in some prison-number stencils on their jumpsuits, if I don’t set my ambition-level too high.   However, that will be a project for the next week.

Until then!