February’s Squaduary challenge is now in the books, and it was a fun project!


This week proved to be hectic, as the wife and I had to load up the kids and drive 930 miles to attend the funeral of her grandfather.  Its funny how family really only seem to get together for funerals and weddings; this was true in this case, but the visit was excellent in that we got to see many family members, as well as allow our kids to put faces to voices (or at least physical faces to compare with the digital ones).   Despite the long road trip, the kids did great and were in good spirits.

That being said, a wrench was thrown in my hobby progress – I have only just finished my Squaduary project, with hours to spare.  I did not give them quite as much TLC as I would have liked, but they are table ready and will be a nice addition to my growing Genestealer Cult.   May I welcome my completed squad of Neophytes:

Squaduary Challenge - Week 4 completed

Led by their intrepid gang leader, they are ready to unleash the word of the many-armed emperor on the local citizenry. Cutthroats, vagabonds, convicts – all have heard the call of their Magus and have responded with quick, righteous violence upon those who would seek to usurp their god.  Or, something like that…

Squaduary - Week 4 - another view

I found some cool base decor on ebay, in the form of small crystals.  As such, I feel that they give a bit of a mining vibe that seems to be a prevalent theme in the Genestealer Cult codex.  I want to bolster this squad’s number to 20 (including some mining lasers), but will save that for next month.

I was also able to squeeze in a small, local tourney last Saturday – a Highlander tournament set a 1500 points, where only one of a unit could be taken.  I had to scramble to get an old land raider painted that was rotting away in my closet, and I was able to whip out a quick paint job just in the nick of time (‘quick’ is in no way synonymous with ‘good’).

Nurgle Land Raider -a rush job

The ‘raider was primed black and painted a green concoction of base color (it matches the scheme on most of my Death Guard), and then I added some rust/Typhus Corrosion and a small bit of homemade stencil work.

Nurgle Land Raider - side view

It is nothing fancy, but it performed admirably enough.  I added Typhus and a squad of Death Guard chaos space marines in the ‘raider, a Daemon Knight of Nurgle, daemon prince  O’ Nurgle with Black Mace, a Rhino and a squad of zombies.

First game pitted me against the dastardly forces of Alpha Legion.  I killed most of his army and then stomped out his warlord with my knight…Who in turn promoted his Havoc champion to warlord, rolled up Stealth as a new warlord trait, and thus managed to hang on to an Emperor’s Will objective long enough to keep the game close: 8 to 6 victory to me.

Game two paired my army against a 30K Mechanicus army that I never played before – it was sporting a ton of firepower and was just plain ugly.  My daemon prince rolled up Iron Arm and smashed out some big bad robots, and then dropped 5 wounds on his knight…Before succumbing to a D stomp.  My knight in turn charged his and we both blew each other’s knights to smithereens, respectively. His Warlord managed to skip away from Typhus and hold on to the Relic in time to give us a tie: 6-6.

Game three had my army facing a kroot horde-led Tau army supported by a beefed-up broadside unit led by a ethereal.  My knight was destroyed turn one, and the demon prince and Typhus managed to get into combat by turn 2 – the DP had too much overkill (I should have settled for one Smash attack!), won combat, and was shot to hell the next turn.  Typhus fared better and proceeded to dismantle the majority of my opponent’s army…Before eventually falling in the last round, along with my land raider…Giving my opponent an 8-5 victory.

I finished in the middle of the pack, but it was fun to simply throw some dice with wild abandon, after the rather hectic week.

I am slowly, slooowwwlllyyy getting close to completing my Tzeentch daemon prince:

Tzeentch Daemon Prince - helbrute conversion

It might not look like it, but I actually made some progress from my last post.  I primed the unpainted parts, added a belt, and fancied up a horn in the middle of his forehead.  He is getting one step closer to joining his brethren in the Infernal Tetrad…

Until next time!