Mortarion the angel of death

Mortarion has experienced an influx of color, and I completed an old model befitting of Nurgle’s bounty.
This serves as a quick update to my painting and modelling over the past couple of weeks.  I was finally able to take the time and give Mortarion a healthy coat of paint, just in time for the holiday season.

Mortarion the angel of death

He is all but completed, with only a few more details left to paint. I also plan on adding another layer of slime to his base and possibly dressing it up with some decor- skulls, pus-ridden corpses…The usual Nurgle goodies!

I initially went with dirty white wings, but I just did not like the tone or look on the model.  In the end, I settled on black wings with a drybrush of light grey to bring out some of the details in the feathers.

While on a Nurgle roll, I also completed an older metal Great Unclean One that was languishing in a bin of purgatory.  He is a wee little lad but weighs a ton (seriously: these old lead-pewter models could do some real damage to some unfortunate sod).

An old metal Great Unclean One

I used the Nurgle-style palette of which I am becoming so comfortable, with a slimey base and ooze dripping from his crusted maw.  I need to switch it up and tackle another army (like my Custodes, for example).  Until then, I have several Deathshroud to paint up, as well as a unit of Blightlord terminators.  I get an entire week off for the upcoming holidays; coupled with a visit from the in-laws to mange our wild toddlers, I should have plenty of time to get some painting and modelling projects wrapped up.

Until then.