Finally, some free space has been created on my projects table!

I just completed my First Curse formation, consisting of 20 genestealers and a patriarch.  The project has been slowly whittled down over the past few months, with yours truly completing a base coat here, a bit of basing there, and basically spending 20 minutes or less at random intervals.  I just put the last dab of paint on my vintage patriarch model (he is actually a bit of a repaint from an earlier project, more or less matching him to the paint scheme of the genestealers, as well as slathering loads more varnish on his lead arse), and with that I am able to post some photos.

Genestealer Cult - First Curse - full shot

Here is the full formation, which barely fits in my makeshift light box.


Genestealer Cult - First Curse- model close-up

Here is a bit of a closeup of the paint scheme, which is more akin to the ‘classic’ genestealer schema of a bygone era.


Genestealer Cult - First Curse - Patriarch


And, here is a bit of a closeup of the big boy, himself.  I always enjoyed this model: it is cheesy, slightly sinister, and just plain representative of the Games Workshop of yester-year – it is filled with character and adds some beef to the genestealer unit.

I had the pleasure of facing off against a First Curse formation last weekend in a somewhat regional tournament, and it was a meatgrinder- in the end, I just fed it some chaff and did my best to keep away (I ended up winning the game on kill points, as luckily the rest of the army folds to a stiff breeze).

Still, I wonder what will become of said formation when eighth edition plummets from the skies like a meteoric drop pod…Time will tell, for sure.