Last weekend turned into a fun weekend of driving, rolling dice and having a general blast.

I was fortunate enough to attend Warzone Atlanta, with the stipulation that I had to take the family with me.  No worries; we loaded up and make the roughly 6 hour drive in decent time, with only a handful of stops.  As fate would have it, a toddler stomping at some point on the display board chipped off some corners in transit.  Once we checked into the hotel room, I scrounged up a packet of decaf coffee and super glue and proceeded to patch the board:

Quick patch to the display board

It actually turned out OK, as I ended up getting max painting score.  Best use of decaf, IMHO.

The full display board, which I threw together about a week prior:

Nurgle display board.

I had an old picture frame, and I dug out a can of foam insulation and some cork and went to town.  I used the the remainder of my Vallejo Stillwater, along with some clear resin, to add the dirty liquid fringes.  With a handful of chaos bits placed to suit, the board was complete!

I ran a Black Legion detachment with Abaddon and Obliterators, followed by a couple of nurgle daemon detachments led by Epidemius.  The full army:

Nurgle Daemons army for Warzone Atlanta 2017

It was a blast to play and resilient as hell, if not a bit on the slow side.  On day 1, I ended up with a win over Slaanesh daemons, a slight loss to Imperial Guard, and then a complete blowout against a list comprised of Mortarion, Magnus and the ForgeWorld greater daemon of Tzeentch (aka Big Bird; I did not kill one unit, but many beers…).

Big Bird for dinner

Losses aside, my opponents were pure gentlemen, and the drinks were shared by all.  I created some nurgle worms (candy gummy worms soaked in vodka) and shared with those around me, which helped to spread the nurgle cheer.

Unfortunately, I only got to play the Saturday games, as Sunday has me drop to take the family to the Atlanta zoo (oh, the sacrifices a parent must make).  Still, I recommend the event and will try to make it next year (and actually play both days).