With a bit of rain expected, the week turned out to be a good one to lay some paint to some minis. 


I am striving to put a dent in the number of unfinished models in my Genestealer Cult, so I grabbed a squad of acolytes and went to work.

Genestealer Cult Acolytes

This squad is a bit of a hodgepodge as far as loadout, and it follows what one could consider a ‘traditional’ genestealer color scheme.  The models themselves are from the classic Space Hulk lineup of the early 90’s – they are usually eschewed in favor of the newer kits, but I have a soft spot for nostalgia.  The banner is from a Catachan/Imperial Guard bit, with a genestealer skull acting as a sacred relic of sorts (or rather, an unlucky squad leader who stuck his head up when he shouldn’t have).

Genestealer Cult Acolyte with a lego saw conversion.

The rock saw is actually from a lego set – my twin boys got one with a lego firetruck that they received around Christmas.  As such, I requisitioned it in the name of the cult, and then ordered a few more from ebay for good measure.  They are a bit ‘plain Jane’ in look, but that’s exactly how I suspect futuristic mining gear in the 41st millennium to be – barebones, utilitarian, and simple enough for the average 40k citizen to use, be it for drilling for promethium or defending against a frothing ambull.

Acolytes hanging out with Neophytes!

In this photo, the fearsome acolytes are flanked by a couple of neophytes, aka converted chaos cultists – since I had to touch up a couple of issues on their paint jobs, I stuck them in the photo for good measure.  I just might have the army completed by the time that eight edition of 40k hits the masses, so I am looking forward to actually fielding it on the tabletop.


I have been brainstorming some ideas for decent hybrid metamorph conversions, and I was inspired by Modern Synthesist’s use of greenstuff cloaks on some of his ‘shrouded’ genestealer purestrains.  I gave it a spin, using crypt ghoul bodies and arms, with some daemonette claws thrown in for good measure.  The results are encouraging:

Metamorph conversions

More hybrid metamorph conversions

I will make at least 5, perhaps as many as 10, and then paint them up in a color scheme that matches the rest of my burgeoning cult.


Finally, with a quiet evening for once, I was able to try my hand at a bit of figure sculpting.  I want some tzeentch brimstone figures but don’t really want to pay for them.  So, I sculpted up a couple of [rather humorous, or perhaps even sad] options.  The plan is so make a mold of them and then cast some figures with clear resin (probably with some orange/red dye to simulate a fiery effect).

Brimstone conversion, sculpted from greenstuff.

Hopefully, I will have more photos of this project to share soon!


All in all, it was a productive week for me on the hobby front.