Nurgle Chaos Lord

So, what is up with my sick fetish with cranking out Deathshroud models?  I am not entirely sure, but I finally wrapped up another squad to add to my burgeoning batch of bloated bouncers.

It only took 3 months, but a hobby update is due.  I finished up five more Deathshroud models, with some spare BoC termie bits and stuff left over from Blightlords and Blight Kings kits, respectively.  I cast a few of them in resin, so one may notice the similarities in some of the poses.  The minor discrepancies and inconsistencies in my rather hasty casting process actually worked in my favor, as the dents and small air bubbles added to the nurgley effect on the armor.

A Deathshroud squad

With the remaining bits, I threw together a rather ‘bare-bones’ chaos lord.  I can put his hit re-roll to good use, for a mere 75-80 points.

Nurgle Chaos Lord


Here is a group shot of all of my Deathshroud to date:

Deathshroud group shot

With the FAQ and new Rule of 3 (outside of troops, only a max of 3 of the same unit is allowed in the confines of *competitive* 40k), I can run three full squads of ‘Shroud.  My list will most likely include Mortarion, a land raider, 16 Deathshroud (in squads of 6, 5 and 5, respectively), and then either a cheap chaos lord or palanquin sorcerer.  Leftover points will net me either some chaos spawn to squat on objectives, or enough points in the pool to summon a nurgle herald.  It’s a slow list ,but the resiliency should be enough to get Morty into the fray.